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  • $39.50/month for one weekly 50-minute preschool class
  • $43.50/month for one weekly 1-hour class
  • $64.50/month for two weekly 1-hour classes
  • $79.50/month for three weekly 1-hour classes
  • $91.50/month for four weekly 1-hour classes
  • $102.50/month for five weekly 1-hour classes
  • $113.50/month for six weekly 1-hour classes

Note: standard $30 registration fee not included. Prices subject to change without notice. Tuition is due the 1st of every month. Any tuition paid after the 8th of the month will be assess a 10% late fee.

Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap and Preschool.
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What to Wear

Female ballet students must wear pink tights and black leotards. Hair should be secured in a bun and off the face. Leather pink ballet slippers are required for performances. Sheer black chiffon skirts may be worn during center floor only. No other skirts or leg warmers may be worn during class as they impair the teacher’s ability to see and make necessary corrections in technique.

Male ballet students should wear black tights or black stretch pants with a solid color tee shirt, white socks and black shoes. An athletic supporter should be worn.

Female jazz students may wear any color tights and leotards. Leggings and tee shirts are acceptable. Do not wear baggy shirts or baggy pants as they inhibit visibility of body form which is needed to make necessary corrections of technique. Any jazz oxford or slip on shoe may be worn but not jazz sneakers.

Male jazz students may wear any exercise pants with a tee shirt. They should be lightweight and stretchy to allow freedom of movement. An athletic supporter should be worn. Any jazz oxfords may be worn but no jazz sneakers.

Female tap students may wear tights and leotards or leggings and tee shirts. Dance skirts may be worn in tap. Children should wear black patent leather bow tie shoes. Adults may wear either tap oxfords or 1½” or 2″ heeled leather character shoes (which are typically used for performances). Attach either Capezio Master Tap or Tele-tone taps to your shoes. No jingle taps may be worn.

Male tap students may wear any exercise shorts or pants with a tee shirt. No street clothes should be worn. Wear lightweight cotton or nylon clothing. Men’s tap oxfords with Capezio Master Tap or Tele-tone taps attached work best.